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What Chelsea Clinton Was Just Caught Sending to Church of Satan Is Straight Horrifying

The notion that it is very unlikely that Bill or Hillary Clinton might ever hold public office again is bringing comfort into most American’s troubled minds. The era of corruption and abuse of power they’ve ruled is reaching the end.

However, Its not like them to go without a fight for as long as they have strength. Their daughter Chelsea Clinton may take the role of a public servant some day, when the time comes.

But the former first daughter is disappointing even some Democrats with her actions and she’ll most certainly make a lousy public servant if she keeps communicating with the church of Satan.

According to the Daily Caller Chelsea Clinton shocked her followers when she posted a tweet in which she gave a warm holiday greeting to The Church of Satan, wishing them a “Happy New Year”.

Apparently, Clinton engaged in a Twitter conversation with “The Church of Satan, model Chrissy Teigen, the restaurant Hooters and various assorted accounts after she tweeted encouragement to Teigen.”

Chrissy Teigen, shared a tweet in which she expressed her frustration on Saturday, after she discovered her personal pictures, displayed on a verified Twitter account. The account used pictures of her daughter to make unjustified assumptions of pedophilia.

More information, we gather from Politico. According to them after a series of  unsuccessful attempts of Democrats to try and hold a statewide office or be in the U.S. House delegation and while Bill is suffering the consequences of his  sexual misconduct, proven and alleged, there is only one Clinton Democrat left to continue the race. And that is? Of course, Chelsea.

She has inherited the Clinton name and is mainly free of Clinton ‘baggage’. As the emails released by  WikiLeaks suggest, that Chelsea has been ‘caught’ doing good, trying to “root out” corruption by her family’s foundation officials and by warning about  problems with Haiti earthquake relief.

As Politico says, if Arkansas Democrats are looking for a serious Democrat for the race, they should consider Chelsea.

Unfortunately it seems that even members from her own party are not that fond of her.

“Rep. Chelsea Clinton? Ugh. Sen. Chelsea Clinton? Yikes. Gov. Chelsea Clinton? Move states.”

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    January 5, 2018 at 1:15 am

    We had Satan in office for 8yrs, can you imagine the morals they taught LIL Killary. She is a joke just like her parent’s. PLEASE STAY OUT, OF POLITICS CHELSEA, Parents have done enough damage.

  2. Kathleen Gordon

    January 5, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Did the Democrats forget that she is communicating with a church of satan?? I know they set the bar low but even they can’t approve of her religion of choice!

    • nancy bush

      January 5, 2018 at 5:55 pm

      And WHO do you think the god of the liberals are?

  3. ronald fischer

    January 23, 2018 at 2:08 am

    This isn’t news from the first time i seen this kid in our W.H. i knew something was very odd about her,and as she was growing up i saw EVIL in her eyes just like her Mother and i said to myself we have some really weird people running our country.And has time went on and on that is when i knew that these two sneaky conniving people were the real DEVILS in our W.H.And the third one was there Daughter knowing that she was made from her Mother and Father and she turned out just like her Parents,and i hit the nail right on the head about these sick people that were running our country for 8 years and the worst of them all was that crooked women called KILL-ARY that was really running our country to the ground.She thought that she was the smartest women in the world the only thing she was smart at was conniving other people out of there money in anyway that was Illegal to do just like that Illegal Server she had hidden in a Rat infested Basement and was giving our Top Secrets to a ARAB country and who knows what else this Witch of Satan gave to other countries that were supporting the Terrorist Groups.She made Millions by giving them all the information that they needed and this country known as the SS Democrats and our so called FBI and the leader which was the President at that time let this EVIL person get away with TREASON.What we were dealing with for 8 years was the ENEMIES within our own so called Government which happens to be the most corrupt UN-AMERICANS in our country which were the Democrat Party that almost had this country on there knees to be Destroyed by these people that should be in a Federal Prison on charges of Treason against the American People and most of all our NATION that they were looking to take control of like a bunch of Dictators they were.And these people are still the most dangerous Group living in our country that tried like hell to form a COUP against the Republicans but the only thing they didn’t have was our Military to help them after what those Traitors did to them and i also served in VIETNAM in the Infantry(RECON) and was wounded along with thousands of other soldiers that LBJ sent to there death for no them reason but that is the way the Democrats work they never finish what they start and took a Republican President to get us the hell out of there,the Democrats couldnt fight themselfs out of a paper bag.

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