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Former CIA Official Just Revealed Secret Bombshell Of What Obama Did…

Iran has been overwhelmed with protest for the past five days and President Trump has been loud and clear in issuing his support to the protesters. However, Obama’s people are criticizing his stand.

Interestingly, a former CIA official reveals a secret, showing how Obama handled a similar situation back in 2009 and how that aided the cause of keeping the Muslim in power.

The protests were initiated by the poor economic conditions. The people remained impoverished even with Obama’s nuclear deal and saw nothing of the money their government promised them.

Now they’ve proceeded with a request of a total regime change that will expect for  Ayatollah Khamenei to step down.  People are parading the streets and arching on his residence to express their determination. They are afraid of possible funding of Hezbollah terrorists and foreign adventurism in Syria and Yemen.

According to  Daily Caller:

At least 12 protestors have been killed in incidents across the country and hundreds have been arrested. Iranian authorities are now blocking social media access on popular applications in an effort to quell the protests, much like the actions taken by Arab nations during the 2011 demonstrations across the Middle East.

It is nice for a change, that a U.S. President is supportive of these protests. People need to  fight for their rights.  Nevertheless, Barrack’s minions have managed to disprove Trump’s response. According to them he should’ve stayed quiet. Many of them have expressed their beliefs on the social media.

John Kerry and Ben Rhodes basically said that  it’s not our place to say anything.

Back in 2009, when the Green Movement broke out, the Obama administration did nothing  about it, but this is a classic move of discrediting and discouraging protests. Still, even Barack’s own officials noted that : Obama can’t use that claim as an excuse for inaction because it was a very conscious choice not to help the protesters to continue to reach out to the regime.

As the report form New Yorker states,

During the peak of the protests in Iran, Jared Cohen, a young staffer at the State Department who worked for Slaughter, contacted officials at Twitter and asked the company not to perform a planned upgrade that would have shut down the service temporarily in Iran, where protesters were using it to get information to the international media. The move violated Obama’s rule of non-interference.

From Biz Pac Review say that Berntsen regarded the administration’s orders as an act of “stupidity”  after he described the kidnappings and killings in Iran at the time.

“The Obama administration ordered the CIA-Iranian ops element to have no contact with the Green Movement … which, quite frankly, in the intelligence business is just stupidity. It’s insanity.”

What was the result? A failed revolution and mullahs in power.

The Former CIA  applauded the President’s reaction saying it was “on-point” and “justified,” and claiming that his support only, might actually help the cause and weaken Iran’s allegedly corrupt, clerical regime.

On being asked what is his opinion about what’s the right thing that America should be doing now, he said  “The fact that President Donald Trump is encouraging the demonstrators against them is on point. Thank you, President Trump.”

Featured Image Source H/T : Allen B. West



  1. Julio Rey Maful

    January 7, 2018 at 3:21 am

    Julio Rey Maful
    Julio Rey Maful This Nation is Not DIVIDED, What we have is a BIG problem…it is call Socialism/communism/pro-islam…IDEOLOGIES TOTALLY OPPOSED/UNFITTED/ENEMIES of the PRINCIPLES/VALUES of this Nation/American REPUBLIC/CONSTITUTION. The Solution???…REMOVE them TOTALLY in a Very Decisive RADICAL WAY and We will make Americas GREAT and FREE AGAIN.

    • ronald fischer

      January 7, 2018 at 4:37 am

      Very well said JULIO you hit it right on the head,and the comment i just made is right below yours.

  2. ronald fischer

    January 7, 2018 at 4:29 am

    I’ve always told you people for years that guy was a Traitor the first day he took America apart piece by piece,and everyone said i was nuts because he was Black that is the first words that comes out of a Liberal face.What this Muslim did to our country that he was never born in and should have never become President of our country but the brainless people called the hippies are just like there Grandpa was back in the 1960s better known as the Flower children that were all Liberals,and these were the Cowards that ran like hell to CANADA to avoid the Draft to go into our Military to serve in Vietnam and it was 85% that were Democrats that ran for their lives like a bunch of cockroaches that they were.And some President pardon them instead after the war was over and now you have there Grandsons and great Grandsons that were just like them and couldn’t fight themselves out of a paper bag.All the SS Democrats are nothing but a bunch of crooked and corrupt people trying like hell to become the Dictators of our country want those Traitors did to our country for 8 freaking years was nothing but to Destroy our country within our own Corrupt Government called the thieves of the Obama Administration that were siding with our own enemies and did has much has they can to protect them the way Obama did for 8 years,all of the Top members of the SS Democrats that knew what their leader Obama was doing to our country and went right along with him what these people did to our country was called TREASON upon our Nation and should be arrested and but on trail in a Federal court and when found Guilty should be hanged right in front of our WHITE HOUSE were they where doing all of the crimes and no less trying to form a (COUP) against our President after in won against that crooked B—H i call TOP SECRET(Killary) the one that was selling our Secrets to a ARAB country that she knew damn well were supporting the Terrorist just like Obama did for IRAN.And that is the all truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD.

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