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Girl Wearing Trump Shirt Gets Mocked By Starbucks’ Employees, So Trump Supporters Have Perfect Idea

President’s haters are trying to prosecute his supporters. They are throwing punches and making fun of them online. They want it to seem as if they are still a majority even after Tramps’ victory.

A year ago, it got to a point where even Starbucks’ workers ridiculed a loyal paying customer because of her support. Luckily she was not alone.

Mad World News, reports that, On June 14th, Kayla Hart visited a local Starbucks shop in North Carolina, wearing a “Trump 2016” t-shirt. After seeing it the baristas, obviously liberal losers, started mocking her and laughing at her.

When they gave her her coffee, instead of her name, written on it were the words “Build a Wall”.  Starbucks  issued an apology, immediately after the story went viral.

Angered by this, and other events in which Trump-haters belittled people who support the president, Trump supporters took action.Their decision was to gather as many Trump fans as possible, and they all went at that same Starbucks wearing Trump gear, on June 24th.

The lesson they were trying to teach those loser baristas was that “this still is America” and no one here can ridicule anyone else on the basis of their political beliefs.  They just went there, ordered coffee and hang out.

These arrogant liberals need to come to terms with the fact that there are more of us out there who support our president and we are not afraid to defend our statements. We trust his leadership and believe in his vision of making America great again.

We know that the attacks against him are just  last pathetic tricks that the dying left is pulling against him.

These Trumps supporters taught liberals a valuable lesson of how real Americans should behave. Instead of making a fuss assaulting and inflicting harm on the employees, they just showed up, ordered coffee and provided business for the coffee shop.

This moment which began with tension in the end, ended up to be a fan gathering of president’s supporters.

Featured Image Source H/T: My Right American 



  1. Patrick Tiekamp Sr.

    December 5, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    The liberals don’t seem to care that they are supporting Communism, which would affect us all, perhaps they don’t care…

  2. Ron D Cook

    December 6, 2017 at 1:44 am

    You need to fix Trump’s name in this article.

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