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Texas School Destroys ADHD With This OLD SCHOOL Remedy

As the number of students diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is increasing , one school has found a simple solution.

It may look  like anybody could have thought of this. It will particularly please the environmentalists, since it involves no usage of chemical substances. And it can also play a role in the fight against obesity.

The solution is so simple and obvious that  you can literally say it’s been under our noses the entire time.

It is either that or intentionally sabotaging the academic success of young boys.

The magnificent solution is … LET THEM RUN!

At the same time as most school are looking for ways to cut on recess  time and increase the attentive span of their students, one school in Texas has managed to make kindergartners sit still and listen.

Their secret? They basically tripled the children’s recess time.

Eagle Mountain Elementary kindergartners are given up to an hour of recess per day. Their pauses are equally divided into four 15-minute breaks, lunchtime excluded.

The teachers say, the children are completely transformed. The kids are attentive, less distracted  and more eager to learn.

This program is modeled after the Finnish school system and is now incorporated into the teaching systems of several schools in Texas, Oklahoma, and California.

However, the whole concept rests on the foundation that children should be given the freedom of choice when it comes to how they spend their recess time. Kids should be let loose instead of funneled into activities which were pre-organized.

Children can benefit even more if they spend this time outdoors.

According to the definition given by the CDC,  recess periods are :“regularly scheduled periods within the elementary school day for unstructured physical activity and play.”

In the past, recess has been viewed as counterproductive, since it was believed that it shifted the focus from lectures. More time in the classroom equaled more productive academic performance. That ends now.

Other countries have also demonstrated that more recess  time is not only unharmful, but it is beneficial for improvement of the whole educational process.

Featured Image Source H/T: Clash Daily

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lynne Johnson

    December 6, 2017 at 12:35 am

    Hallelujah! Finally maybe America is going back to the things we once did. When I was in school, we had 30-45 minutes of Recess every day. No structured activities. We chose what we wanted to do: jump rope, play ball, swing, play games like “Red Rover”, hide and seek, whatever! We could bring a snack from home (almost always a piece of fruit). We also had a few minutes of outdoor time after lunch, to walk and get some fresh air before going back to class. Amazing huh? No ADHD!!! Hopefully America is waking UP to the reality of what really works instead of all this insanity that has taken over in the last years.

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