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Trump’s Motorcade Cut Off by Man in Van, Secret Service Intervenes, Look What Happens

Trump’s motorcade has been met with some detractors for the second time this month.

For the second time in a month, Trump’s convoy has been met with some critics. At the beginning of November, Juli Briskman-a Virginia resident, was riding her bike and when  Trump’s motorcade drove past her, she showed the President “the finger”

After the photo went viral and her name was identified, she was immediately fired from her job. Her gesture shortly made her famous when Megyn Kelly invited Briskman on her show. Apparently some people experienced Briskman’s move as inspiring, and for a very short time she raised over $130,000 to cover her needs while she’s unemployed.

As we are learning, she’s planning on dropping a lawsuit against her employer, but she won’t make it far because she still broke the company laws.

Later in November, while Trump was spending his holidays in Florida with his family, another leftist incident came up. As America News Hub, is transmitting, President Donald Trump was visiting the Coast Guard Station on Thanksgiving to thank them for their service and later that day he went golfing.

On his way back to Mar-A-Lago, where he was staying, his convoy was cut off by an angry driver. The local enforcement had to stop him.

The mad man was drivin a red car and as the enforcements reported he made indecent gestures and screaming offending words towards the President and the policemen.

Moments after the incident, protesters carrying  signs that said “Don the Con man”  blocked the motorcade’s way in front of the bridge leading to Palm Beach. Supporters carrying signs such as   “Trump Strong,” “I Love President Trump,” “I Support Prez. Trump Bigly,” were also on the bridge.

What is out of the ordinary is that even though the mad driver put the President’s life in risk, there are no reports of him being taken into custody.

The funny thing is that some media are reporting that the people who made a mess on the bridge were in fact Trump’s supporters and that he encouraged them to do what they did.

One thing we can say for sure is that ever since the election last year, all of the brutality that has been made has come from the American’s left party.

Featured Image Source H/T : MPolitical

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