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Wow! Trump Just Crippled Big Government In One Genius Move – Obama, Democrats Crushed

If we  can all agree on one thing, that is that Americans have lived through  eight  years of power abuse during the Obama era.

Obama abused policy to expand  the size of government and to punish companies. Braking the law and manipulating long-standing traditions are just some of the things in which he is especially good at.

But now, things have changed. President Donald Trump has taken upon himself to fix decades of  insider politics. He demands that government agencies must do their jobs according to the law of our country.

From the Daily Caller say that, the Trump Administration changed it’s mind in a case before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, which can result in abolition of tens of thousands of agency decisions.

The legal dispute involves an agency’s decision which allows career bureaucrats to preside as replacements during enforcement proceedings. The Administrative law judges, as they are called are officials who are not appointed by the president or a court, but instead, are hired by career bureaucrats.

However, The constitution delegates that all inferior officers must be appointed by the president, a court, or the head of an executive department of the U.S.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) was challenged by a few investment managers  for the  use of  ALJs in an enforcement proceeding gathered against them on the basis of alleged violations of security law…  the SEC  got the support of the Obama Justice Department. Unfortunately for them, Noel Franco, Trump’s new attorney general backed the money managers.

Francisco wrote in a brief at the Supreme Court this:“Upon further consideration, and in light of the implications for the exercise of executive power under Article II, the government is now of the view that such ALJs are officers because they exercise ‘significant authority pursuant to the laws of the United States,'”

These people, who Obama allowed to rule as judges were non-appointed bureaucrats with zero accountability to  the President and the American people. Once again we can witness democrats attacking business, but they are doing so unlawfully. Obama let this happen within the SEC, just because  the Administrative law judges were going after the financial sector.

Trump puts a stop of this practice of appointing insiders to act as judges. It’s well known who calls the shots here.. real leaders. This way government agencies can’t spin out of control.

It’s a win – win for american people with Trump in charge.

Featured Image Source H/T: DailyCaller

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